Friday, November 19, 2010

Afternoon Crumbs

Brit Brit's old pink wig has fallen on a hard time named Katie Price - Hollywood Tuna

From Teen Mom to Teen Prison Bitch - The Superficial

But where are RPattz's sparkly and magical dingles? - Popsugar

Selena Gomez to Wardrobe Malfunction: "Please come visit me sometime!" - Popoholic

Halle Berry's shoes are FUGLY ASS FUGLY! Well, I have to find something to say since I'm allergic to compliments - Hollywood Rag

And this is why you don't get a free breast exam at a bar - NYC Barstool Sports

Maybe they should censor Sarah Palin's new reality show, because that's a joke too - OMG Blog

Speaking of Palin-related jokes... - Just Jared

Vintage Ke$hit - The Berry

Raquel Welch forever (site NSFW) - Drunken Stepfather

Who is Heidi Klum talking to exactly? - Celebitchy

Please book Mah Boo, Prince Hot Ginge or Carrot Top (I take what I can get) and me on the next Virgin America flight. Thankyouverymuch. - Towleroad

Hidden pussy! - Cityrag

Alanis Morissette oughta know it's not 1997 anymore - ICYDK

Wonky McValtrex takes her crabs for a swim - Celebslam

Basement Baby working the hell out of Matthew Knowles' old shorty pimp robe - Necole Bitchie

They just won't let Katy Perry's chichis be great- I'm Not Obsessed

If David Arquette's after-Courtney piece is telling the truth then that shirt should really say "I'm a Bad Bad Lay" - SOW

PROGRAMMING NOTE: I have to step away for a couple (or more) hours to conduct some highly important business woman stuff, but I'll be back. And no, "important business woman stuff" is not code for "visiting the free clinic to get that Mah Boo-induced growth looked at." Yes, it is.

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