Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Picture Of Maternal Grace: Kim Zolciak's Knocked Up Ass Smoking A Cig

The Real Housewives of Atlanta's resident wigcrow Kim Zolciak has already denied away on her Twitter that this picture from TMZ was taken while she had a money order, I mean, fetus, brewing in her womb. According to TMZ, Kim was caught sucking on a fag at the Georgia Dome on November 7th, just a couple of weeks before she made her blessed baby announcement on the cover of Life & Style. But Kim, who used to be a nurse, says that TMZ must be boozing and bonging while blogging again (like there's any other way?), because the dates are all kinds of mixed up.

Let's say TMZ isn't wrong with their date, is it really such an awful thing (yes, it is)? If you knew that in a few months you'd be wearing a custom-made wiglette and baby rouge, wouldn't you need to numb the stress with some nicotine? Kim is probably wondering why her baby is kicking at her stomach so early. Baby isn't trying to karate kick its way out. It's trying to let her know in Morse code to send a bottle of something strong up there!

Besides, it could be a lot worse. The picture could be of Kim playing "Google Me" for her unborn baby.

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