Saturday, November 27, 2010

Farewell, Prince Chunk

Prince Chunk, the fat pussy who waddled into our hearts 2 years ago after his owner abandoned him, has died at the age of "about 10 years old" of heart disease. Prince Chunk's adoptive owner Vince Damiani told AP that he died in his sleep last Sunday. Pour out a bag (or a dozen) of Kit 'N Kaboodle for Prince Chunk. Keep pouring!

The Kirstie Alley of cats became a national superstar sensation after animal control found him wandering the streets of New Jersey. Prince Chunk's owner lost her home in a foreclosure and couldn't afford to keep him. At the time, it was reported that Prince Chunk weighed in at 44lbs., but Mr. Damiani thinks this number was more bloated than Prince Chunk, because the cat weighed 22lbs when he adopted him.

Prince Chunk's memory will not only live on in the permanent dent in Mr. Damiani's sofa where he used to sleep. It will also live on in The Prince Chunk Foundation, a nonprofit charity that helps financially strapped owners keep their animal friends.

Rest in peace, Prince Chunk... I'm sure you're jumping into trees like a skinny bitch up in heaven!

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