Sunday, December 12, 2010

Vivica Fox Got Bullied For Being A Vanguard

In Vivica Fox's #itgetsbetter video for Essence TV, she tells the kids out there to make their own choices and be themselves no matter what the hating bullies say because it will lead them to success! Vivica would know since she's constantly getting teased for her unique career choices. When Vivica chose to do the direct-to-DVD spectacular Motives, she got teased for it and then EVERYBODY started to do direct-to-DVD movies. When Vivica chose to star in the reality shit show Glam God, she got serious shade for it and then EVERYBODY started to do reality shows. When Vivica chose to act in the play Cheaper to Keeper, bitches pointed and laughed at her and then EVERYBODY started to do theater. None of these things really existed before Vivica touched 'em.

And just so you know, Vivica actually shot this video years ago and got teased for it. And now EVERYBODY is doing #itgetsbetter videos.

via Queerty

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