Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Survivor: Nicaragua?s Jane: ?Screw you! Y?all are not eating and can go hungry?

Survivor1216.jpg Survivor: Nicaragua?s Jane: ?Screw you! Y?all are not eating and can go hungry? No one can say 56-year-old Jane Bright, of Jackson Springs, N.C., did not play her hardest when it comes to the game of Survivor. Jane survived 36 days in some of the harshest elements in Survivor history and never once did we hear her complain. In fact, the only thing she is complaining about now is the faith she placed in fellow country boy Chase, whom she trusted implicitly, only to be blindsided on last night?s episode when she was voted out.

After bonding with Chase early in the game, Jane believed it would be smooth sailing to the finale at Chase?s side. But when Fabio (Jud), who had just won immunity at a challenge, suggested Jane be voted out, no matter how uncomfortable with the decision, Chase went along with his tribe mates.

Even though Chase did not lie when Jane confronted him about the choice to vote her out, she still harbors a grudge. ?I am still mad at Chase,? Jane tells In Touch. ?My only regret is putting as much faith in him as I did. I believed him being a N.C. boy that he?d be true to his word, as most Southern men are. He is not. If he is like that in real life then heaven help him as he has a hard road ahead.?

Jane may have been the 13th person voted out and the seventh member of the jury, but viewers are thanking her for going out with a bang. In one of the season?s most shocking moves, fiery Jane extinguished the campfire that she?d made her life?s mission to tend while in the elements. ?By God, I started it, I?ll put it out,? she exploded as she unleashed a bucket of water on its flames. ?I took Chase aside and said, ?By gosh if y?all are voting me out tonight, I am leaving with a bang and if you try to stop me you?ll regret it,? admits Jane, who does not regret her decision and reveals the others did not escape her wrath either. ?I was like screw you! Y?all are not eating and can go hungry.?

Tune in Sunday when the winner of Survivor: Nicaragua is crowned and for more with Jane, click here.

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