Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Presenting The Greatest Singuh In Da World And Her Twins

Seen here posing on the set of a tampon commercial (or in one of JLo's dressing rooms), Celine Dion debuts her bright shiny new twin angels to the woooooorld! And guess what? They look like babies! Babies that I'm sure Pepaw Rene is throwing subtle undercover shade at since they have more hair on their heads than he does.

Celine's 2-month-old BABY!!! boys have so much pose to give that Hello! Canada gave them a 20 page spread. Have you been itching to see Celine's twins various nap positions (SPOILER ALERT: They have 4)? Hello will give you that! Are you curious to see her twins' "Should I fart or should I piss first?" facial expressions? Hello will give you that too! I mean, they have 20 damn pages to cover!

In between posing with her twins on a fluffy white cloud imported from heaven, Celine talked to the magazine and explained why she named her twins Nelson and Eddy. From HuffPo:

Dion, who with husband Rene Angelil has a nine-year old son named named Rene-Charles, spent years trying to get pregnant again, going through IVF treatments and suffering a miscarriage. So the couple wanted to give the twins meaningful names.

"We met with Nelson Mandela and spent some time with him at his house when we started Celine's world tour," Rene said. "Eddy is an homage to Eddy Marnay," he added, referring to the songwriter that wrote Dion's first five albums and died a few years ago.

That's a nice tribute. But you know Celine's ass really named them after Edy's coconut bars and Nelson Muntz. Who wouldn't?

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