Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Which One Is The Cardboard Cutout?

Never mind that Justin Bieber stole his 3D glasses from a candy raver circa 1997, it's a little bizarre that his magical locks made from the dreams of solid gold unicorns look positively bland next to St. Angie Jolie's high halo. Yes, that's a halo (or maybe Brad Pitt is crouching behind her with a spotlight held over his head). Angie is probably so confused when she posed for this picture at the Golden Globes. She doesn't know whether she wants to adopt him or date him.

Eat your vag out, Jenny Shimizu, because it looks like Angie's got a new lezzie of choice!

And meeting Bieber wasn't the only magical event Angie took part in that night. There was also this:

Leave it to Michael Douglas to part the emerald sea with his photobomb. Catherine Zeta-Jones and Angie are trying to out-beauty one another, but little do they know that Michael Douglas took this one.

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